Cyberia respected the Transparent Society

Cyberia respected the Transparent Society

Cyberia respected the Transparent Society Brin proposed a pacified vision whereby all people in this inevitable transparent culture would have equal access to multiple dimensions of information. This would be widely available to all who share the flow of information with the police and other guardians of the social order. Humanity now had a responsibility to make the best of it. Brin stated: “It is too late to prevent the invasion of cameras and databases. The djinn cannot get back into his bottle. No matter how many laws are passed, it will be impossible to legislate new surveillance tools and databases. They are here to stay. “

Not so fast. In “Tools and Weapons,” authors Brad Smith and Carol Ann Browne agree that amazing technologies are a fait accompli. However, the issue of privacy rights is a very urgent matter, it should not be ignored or trivialized. The course requires a scrupulous examination and practical programs to guarantee its integrity.

President of Microsoft, Smith is the company’s oldest executive. The New York Times refers to him as “a de facto ambassador for the tech industry at large.” Browne is the chief director of communications and external relations. Smith is the narrator in this broad and measured reflection on compelling themes involving the threat and promise of high-tech developments.

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