IT, DevOps Helping Your Business Win

IT, DevOps Helping Your Business Win

IT, DevOps Helping Your Business Win Like many leaders, you probably have a growing collection of business and technology books stacked on your nightstand. While its pages may offer helpful guidelines, tutorials, and checklists, they are often not as exciting as a good novel. So when it’s time to pack your beach bag or carry-on this month, you may want a different kind of reading.


We put together a collection of fiction that we think leaders will enjoy during these slower days of summer. Some books on the list use fiction to reveal truths about leadership, with wisdom and insights that can be applied directly when you return to work after the holidays. Others provide more than an escape from reality: futuristic tales and science fiction thrillers that can make you think differently about emerging technology trends on the horizon. Let’s dive in.
In a narrative spanning geography and time, from the 17th century Atlantic Ocean to a Texas correctional institution in the near future, and told from the perspective of five very different characters, Speak considers what it means to be human, and what which means being less than fully alive. Each of these characters is trying to communicate through gaps: separated spouses, lost friends, future readers, or a computer program that may or may not understand them. In dazzling and electrifying prose, Louisa Hall explores how the chasm between the computer and humans, bridging rapidly with today’s technological advancements, echoes the gaps that exist between ordinary people.

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