Virtual Presentation with State System

Virtual Presentation with State System

Virtual Presentation with State System Central to the computer, battery, motherboard, and other important components. The proposed design will make computer batteries last longer when used due to the lack of overheating. When the computer is overused and not given enough time to cool down, it starts to overheat. As the computer warms due to extended use, there will be damage to internal components, such as the overheating processor, which slows down and runs less efficiently. The frantic battery added heat, and increased chemical reaction reduces battery life and the amount of time that it remains charged. With prolonged exposure to high temperatures, the battery may become unusable. The motherboard is very hot, the efficiency and the electrical outlet are reduced.

The proposed laptop’s state system is able to cool its laptop to an acceptable degree while giving the laptop protection from the sun and storing energy from the sun simultaneously to power the power bank and fans. The laptop bag is equipped to give the laptop room so that hot air can travel by letting the computer breathe. The suggested design could suit different other applications such as phone/device charger, personal mini fan, etc.
When used efficiently and in moderation, cell phones can be a great tool for completing various tasks including education, communication, and personal entertainment. However, with the increasing rate at which we are improving our current technologies, there is also increased accessibility to these same developments. While a mobile phone can be used to help study, proofread, verify facts, and even learn something previously unknown, it also contains applications such as games, social media, and various other distractions. Often times, people can find themselves simply using their phones to pass the time because of their accessibility, without a real desire to use the phone. Doing so can create mobile phone dependency habits which make it difficult to set and become productive when necessary. This is especially evident in younger users such as teenagers and children, who have not yet been able to develop a sense of self-discipline and moderation in the use of their mobile phones. In these circumstances, if there is a method that makes the user unable to access the applications that they appear to interact with by default, there would be little scope to find deviations from the intended task. This product is an attempt to reduce the incidence of mobile distractions, by limiting the ability to use applications that may cause such problems

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