Warp Drives with New Physics

Warp Drives with New Physics

Warp Drives with New Physics Warp Drives with New Physics Humans within years of sending their first crew mission to Mars. so what? Perhaps another 100 years from now we will eventually have the resources to launch mission crew deeper from there, to eventually reach … somewhere near Neptune. Our current method of space travel is not good enough to get us out of the outskirts of our galaxy. We can thank Einstein for that.
We will need torsion engines, or the like, to “go boldly” far beyond the limits of our solar system. But the rules are rules, and it is not likely that we will discover how to move a spaceship faster than the speed of light anytime soon. However, there may be a way to cheat.

Joseph Agnew, a university student from the University of Alabama at the Huntsville Propulsion Research Center, believes we can create a warp engine capable of riding a space wave into the future. No, this is not a bad advertisement for a cola product in the 1980s. It is in science.
Basically, if you can’t travel faster than light, make the universe expand and contract around you so that you actually have moved farther than you can travel at the speed of light, without breaking the Einstein speed limit.
Agnew puts some potential solutions – based on what should have been years of comprehensive research – that have a reasonable basis in current technology. In essence, if the plan aims to create a giant wave in the space-time chain in order to juggle a spacecraft from point A to point B, the problem can be divided into finding fuel, knowing how to make a wave, and making sure we don’t break something important … like Reality Warp Drives with New Physics

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